Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Well, for the past two weeks, I'd been stoked about going to a Backpacking clinic at the Sports Basement tonight. I arranged my schedule to work with my cyclocross client in Golden Gate Park beforehand, but when I arrived, the clinic was cancelled (the speaker was sick). I had hoped to learn all the ins & outs of packing light, light, light. Oh well! Since I was there, I decided to do a little comparison shopping. Ended up buying a tent, a sleep sack (it's too warm for a sleeping bag in NY in the summer), a nifty little camp burner (with a coffee press) and a can of gas (need to ship to NY), and a super light-weight therma-rest, and a cool water carrier thing. Ooh, need to remember to get insect repellant.

I decided tonight that I'm going to do a one-night trip before I leave, so it's even more important to get the bike built up soon! The bike should arrive tomorrow or Monday. I'm going to try to order all the components tomorrow so I can build it up by the middle of next week and start riding it.

Decided to go with a mtn bike triple. My client's husband showed up at the park on his new Waterford built for touring. I like his set-up. Sunigo triple cranks, XTR rear derailleur, bar end shifters. He also had Ortleib rear panniers (no inner pockets). Hmmmm.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lessons Learned -- route planning & flights

Okay, so I finally revisited my routes. I wish I'd ironed all this out before booking my flights -- I would've liked a few days on one end and fewer on the other. Oh well! I think I've finally knocked out something that takes me to most of the places I want to go and gets me there on the days I need to fit into people's schedules. I can't get everywhere I'd like to go -- Niagara Falls and Alexandria Bay are both out of the itinerary now. Maybe this warrants another trip to NY sometime?


Sunday, June 26, 2005

Need to Make a To-Do List

And a To-Buy List, and a To-Think-About List, and a To-Pack List. Whew! Anyways, today's burning question is how the heck do I pump my tires on the road? I certainly don't plan to pack a floor pump. Do a find a mini with a gauge?

On the riding front, I'm progressing nicely. Conistently riding 5-6 days a week with two longer (3-4 hour) rides. Yesterday was my longest since my recovery -- 55 miles with some good climbing. Started running and lifting last week too!

Go an email from Diana Coles. Was surprised to hear her husband Ron has Alzheimer's. She's invited me to stay at her house in Fair Haven. Can't wait to see her.

In addition to the Ritchey Cyclocross bike, I just picked up a Rivendell Atlantis on eBay. This was my back-up choice and I just happened to find one in my size on eBay. The auction closed yesterday. Only one other bidder and I easily beat him but didn't make reserve. However, the buyer and I agreed to a good price so I'll build it up and see how it feels. I'll likely also still get the Ritchey since I need a second cx bike and like the idea of having a break-away. A girl can never have too many bikes now, can she? Actually, I do have too many bikes. I've got racks for six bikes in my house and now I own seven (plus the Altantis and the Ritchey so that makes nine). I think I'll sell the two track bikes.

Hope to finalize my travel outline tomorrow or Tuesday.

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