Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Unveiling the Bike!!!

Well, I finally finished building my bike. Couple of tiny touches left, but all in all, she's tour-ready. For those of you who are curious, here are the details. I decided to match the frame with silver components. Sweet looking bike!! I'll take a photo tomorrow and post it here.

Still working out the accessories. I'll probably keep my small saddle bag on the bike (tire levers, CO2, patch kit, tube). I also ordered a small handlebar bag and a separate map case that attaches to the handlebar. Oh, and I got the coolest pump in the world. It's a Topeak Road Morph. It has a pressure gauge and a little platform that folds out so you use it just like a floor pump. One of the trickest inventions I've seen in bike equipment in years!!!

Rode the Atlantis for a short ride tonight with the racks, fenders, and kickstand installed. Feels good. Front brakes squeak like crazy even after Josh adjusted them. May try new brake pads.

I just love this bike! It's the first bike I've completely picked every single component on. And I actually helped build a good portion of it (including installation of the fenders, racks, and kickstand -- big pain in the ass). My trip still feels like a very long way off in the future, but I'm getting a bit excited. Planning to go out for a short ride loaded tomorrow -- that should be an adventure.

Hi Lorri,

You'll love the XT derailleur and 12-34 cassette. I used it on my tour to Santa Barbara (from San Francisco) and hauled my BOB trailer up the hills with NO problem.

I'm not sure I could ever go back to a higher gear ratio..... (I guess we'll see - I just had that bike stolen, whah!)
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