Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Maiden Voyage of the Atlantis

So, my Atlantis frame (by Rivendell) arrived on Tuesday. It's in almost perfect condition (one little scuff in the paint). We ordered the components on Tuesday and Josh and I planned to build it up on Friday. Well, Friday didn't happen, so Josh and I met Saturday morning at 7:30am to build my bike. How fun!!! First, I've never hand-picked different components for a bike. I wanted to do everything in polished silver. It's a real mix of old school and high tech components -- Nitto bar & stem, Thompson Elite seatpost, Shimano XT derailleurs & cassette, Race Face cranks & bottom bracket, Avid Shorty 7 cantilever brakes, and Shimano Dura-Ace bar-end shifters. I left at 10:00am to go ride and I'd put on the all the components. Josh was going to run the cables, adjust everything, tape the bar and mount the computer. Well, he wasn't done when I got back from my ride, so I hung out and we finished around closing time (6:00). Too tired to do my fit, so I did it this morning (Sunday) and then went on an awesome ride with Kim Perez. I love this bike! It handles great. I thought the 26" wheels might be slower, but I had no problems keeping up with her. I spent most of the ride in my 46t big ring, but I know I'll need the two smaller rings once I load the bike.

Still to do.....mount the fenders and racks. Oh, and the front brake squeaks like crazy. And I need to see what's wrong with my right pedal (can't seem to tighten the tension).

I'm planning a trial run on Wednesday night. I have a client until 5:30pm and then I'm going to go for a two-hour ride, camp, and then come home Thursday morning. Want to test all the equipment and also test the bike once it's loaded. Now I just need to figure out where to go.

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