Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Well, for the past two weeks, I'd been stoked about going to a Backpacking clinic at the Sports Basement tonight. I arranged my schedule to work with my cyclocross client in Golden Gate Park beforehand, but when I arrived, the clinic was cancelled (the speaker was sick). I had hoped to learn all the ins & outs of packing light, light, light. Oh well! Since I was there, I decided to do a little comparison shopping. Ended up buying a tent, a sleep sack (it's too warm for a sleeping bag in NY in the summer), a nifty little camp burner (with a coffee press) and a can of gas (need to ship to NY), and a super light-weight therma-rest, and a cool water carrier thing. Ooh, need to remember to get insect repellant.

I decided tonight that I'm going to do a one-night trip before I leave, so it's even more important to get the bike built up soon! The bike should arrive tomorrow or Monday. I'm going to try to order all the components tomorrow so I can build it up by the middle of next week and start riding it.

Decided to go with a mtn bike triple. My client's husband showed up at the park on his new Waterford built for touring. I like his set-up. Sunigo triple cranks, XTR rear derailleur, bar end shifters. He also had Ortleib rear panniers (no inner pockets). Hmmmm.

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